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Artist, Actor, Activist
avatar for Roy Spence, The Purpose Institute

Roy Spence, The Purpose Institute

Co-Founder & CEO // Co-Founder & Chairman of GSD&M
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Manoush Zomorodi, "Bored and Brilliant"

Author of "Bored and Brilliant" and Co-founder of Stable Genius...


avatar for Curtis Midkiff, Southwest Airlines

Curtis Midkiff, Southwest Airlines

Sr. Advisor, Social Business Strategy
avatar for Rachel Ferdinando, Frito-Lay North America

Rachel Ferdinando, Frito-Lay North America

VP Core Business, Media & Digital
avatar for Avery Block, Taco Bell

Avery Block, Taco Bell

Manager, Digital Customer Care
avatar for Arshi Duffley, Facebook

Arshi Duffley, Facebook

Marketing Partnerships Lead
avatar for Jennifer Forkish, Caesars Entertainment

Jennifer Forkish, Caesars Entertainment

Vice President of Corporate Communications
avatar for Kate Coughlin, National Geographic

Kate Coughlin, National Geographic

Senior Director, Audience Development & Community
avatar for James Gregson, LEGO Group

James Gregson, LEGO Group

Senior Manager, Global Social Media
avatar for Danielle Guzman, Mercer

Danielle Guzman, Mercer

Global Head of Social Media and Distributed Content
avatar for Molly James-Lundak, AbbVie

Molly James-Lundak, AbbVie

Sr. Director, Brand & Social Marketing
avatar for David Feldman, National Football League

David Feldman, National Football League

Senior Director, Social Content
avatar for Spike Jones, Spredfast + Lithium

Spike Jones, Spredfast + Lithium

Vice President, Strategy
avatar for Jennifer Mangold, HomeAway

Jennifer Mangold, HomeAway

Senior Manager, Global Social Media
avatar for Kristin Mirek, Nickelodeon

Kristin Mirek, Nickelodeon

SVP, Social Media & Digital Strategy
avatar for Christine Morrison, Intuit

Christine Morrison, Intuit

TurboTaxLive Pro Engagement Leader
avatar for Evie Nagy, Slack

Evie Nagy, Slack

Senior Manager, Editorial and Social Communications
avatar for Cory Notrica, PepsiCo

Cory Notrica, PepsiCo

Senior Director, Digital Governance
avatar for Andee Olson, Bumble

Andee Olson, Bumble

Director of Partnerships
avatar for Raashi Rosenberger, Pinterest

Raashi Rosenberger, Pinterest

Creative Strategy Lead, East
avatar for Olu Johnson, Charles Schwab

Olu Johnson, Charles Schwab

Director, Digital Engagement
avatar for Shawn Silverman, Dolby

Shawn Silverman, Dolby

Senior Manager, Global Social Media
avatar for Michael Bucklin, FOX Sports

Michael Bucklin, FOX Sports

Vice President of Digital Content
avatar for Maya Peterson, Viacom Velocity

Maya Peterson, Viacom Velocity

Senior Director, Culture and Creative Insights